Salvaged From Their Resting Place, Reconditioned With Love In London


Auxilium's mission is to bring the mundane, the disused or the unloved to life again, injecting objects with new purpose and place, the products are rescued from their resting places and lovingly restored, one by one back in the workshop in London.



Auxilium salvages products from their final resting places, often a skip, landfill or a forgotten place with the overall objective of rehoming each piece.

Our ethos is to repurpose existing objects that are no longer considered fit for purpose or desirable. In our fast passed, high consumption and easily disposable world, Auxilium aims to bring an appreciation of the history and the story behind the gloss and glamour of a beautiful product.

Auxilium is currently working with a couple of old German Manufacturing sites to rescue objects that are no longer considered as fit for purpose. 



Each collection undergoes a journey back to the workshop in London where a concept is designed that aims to create a balance between the old form and purpose and a new aesthetic. 

Katie and the team then lovingly restore each piece by hand to make the once redundant object become treasurable once more. All stages involved in the upcycling process are environmentally friendly and care is taken to source the most sustainable products possible.

We aim to repair the objects original qualities but importantly inject a new and modern edge into the objects aesthetics - each piece should be appreciated for its history but admired now for its beauty.

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