So, the first post! ... and it's to give you the low down on 'why the blog'???


Well... Simply, we wanted to share with you guys what excites us at Auxilium.


We are subject to hundreds of images on a daily basis that are fuel for our visual minds.. we hope through blogging we will develop a simple library of beauty... a way to collect a moodboard of Auxilium's food for thought. We like the idea it will become a realtime moodboard too.. a way to watch how we flex and grow our ideas from the point of conception, today on 15th July 2014 until..... well, lets see hey?!


We are hoping for the blog to become a good tool for us to use too.. to become the only port of call for inspiration, an antidote to the endless searching through... 'Where was it I saved that article again !!?....'


We can become a one-stop-shop for beautiful inspiration on products and spaces.. for YOU and for US.


Enjoy and let us know what you're thinking...