There's something special about the effect an injection of the living and breathing can inflict upon a space.. from the simple placement of a pot plant to an all encompassing living wall, once a living object is introduced an instantaneous and rather indescribable energy is created. A kind of drama that a man made object, however beautiful, useful or treasured cannot possibly emulate. I believe a certain amount of this is down to the fact a plant is unpredictable. We are familiar with our interiors - they are pretty static, they are designed, we titivate, but essentially they are visually consistent.. plants flex and grow in sometimes surprising ways. The shape can change, flowers bloom, scents release. Some are predicable changes, others sometimes frustrating, like how a flowering plant inevitably drops its beautifully constructed bloom. But its the surprise thats so joyful, the holistic act of the living that no matter how hard a designer may try, can never quite be captured from a 'designed' environment. Here's a couple of good examples of how plants can become more than 'just' a pot plant.

The idea for this is rather wonderful.. a personal fresh air desk system that feeds plants hydroponically (in a nutrient mix rather than soil). It was developed by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Julio Radesca de Carvalho as his final year project. Can you imagine having herbs or even vegetables at your desk? A little whiff of peppermint perhaps for that early afternoon energy slump?

Sky Planter By Patrick Morris 

The Sky Planter is Patrick Morris'€™s award-winning design which turns indoor gardening on its head and allows you to grow plants upside down.

The plants are watered via an internal reservoir system to feed water directly to the roots. There is much less evaporation so requires less watering, and no drips or ring marks on surfaces. A plastic mesh holds soil in place so there is no mess.

Apparently plants do not 'mind' at all being grown upside down. In fact they benefit from a constant supply of water and from plenty of air around their leaves.