In every room in every house, you will see the inevitable white cord awkwardly poking out from behind a stack of magazines, a bookshelf or tucked under a pot plant. But this white cord leads on to an important unit in our everyday tech induced environments... the simple but oh so necessary plug.

... and with the rise in our previously benign objects being transformed into mini tech power houses, our phones, books, picture frames, news feeds have to be kept alive.. and that overlooked object of a plug suddenly find itself in demand.

So why hide them? When we need a power source to be so accessible and adaptable to our movements within a room, 'hiding' them is not the most practical way of storage.

OKUM has taken this problem on - and made the plug extension cable a beautiful thing with its latest product 'Oon'.

The six-foot cord is a pointedly noticeable zigzag wrap, and its colorful wooden blocks provide three plugging points. Choose between "Noon," "Dawn" and "Dusk" for color options that fit your whimsical electricity needing room. The blocks can rotate around the cord for flexible positioning as you wander like a tablet-waving wildman. While wood and oldschool fabric cord might not sound like fresh new design elements for modern technological problem-solvers, they make a normally unsightly object a more natural element of your environment. Okum's goal to make "everyday objects with ingrained detail" seems to be going just fine.