There's a nostalgia about a how a pitched roof, a chimney and some perfectly positioned windows come together as an elevation. Really, thats all a house needs to be to please our inner child's eye. And what's so lovely about a simple pitched roof construction are the shapes they in-turn create on the interior.

The Shingle House, Dungeness, Kent  - NORD

The Shingle House is designed by a young Scottish practice, NORD (Northern Office for Research and Design), who responded to the natural drama of the site with a simple monumental black house, finished in tarred black shingles on the outside and in a contrasting start white palette of concrete and timber within.

It is part of a series called '' which is a scheme initiated by writer Alain de Botton to create a series of vacation homes in picturesque locations, designed by prominent architects.

H House, Sóskút, Hungary - Budapesti Műhely

This farmhouse by architects Budapesti Műhely is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Hungarian peasant house. Like the older houses, the building is set back from the road by approximately 50 metres and features a pitched roof that follows the peasant architecture’s symmetrical, 41-degree form. The structure of the house is formed from 12-metre-wide modules, which split rooms into two rows with a corridor in between.

Other Notable Pitched House Architecture:

1. Carrera's Farmhouse Barn by Arnau Estudi d'Arquitectura

2. Barn House by Mimo Studio 

3.  House in, Weert, the Netherlands by SPOT Architecture 

4. The Balancing Barn by MVRDV 

5. French country house by Arba

6. SIP House, Chile by FOAA and North architecture